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Booking procedure

You can receive a Ďno-obligationí Registration/Information Pack by phoning 07951 025607 or by emailing us. Please remember to include your name, address with postcode, the breed and name of your dog. A pack will be sent out to you within 24 hours.

Once you have received the pack and decided to make a booking, you will need to return the relevant paperwork back to us at Homes4Hounds Limited. See our Contact us page.

A mutually convenient appointment will be made to visit you and your dog in its home environment. This meeting will be to assess your dogís individual needs and to select the most suitable carer accordingly.

Your dogís vaccination book will be checked at the meeting and you will you will be asked to make payment during this meeting.

An appointment will be made for you and your dog to visit your chosen carer. If a suitable carer cannot be found, the booking fee will be returned in full.

Once an initial booking has taken place, all future bookings can be arranged over the telephone.

Note: Whenever possible, we do try to provide the same carer for your dog each time you book. However, we do get booked up quite far in advance. Therefore, we recommend that future bookings are made as early as possible to avoid disappointment



Me and GSDs






Donít put your best friend in the dog house while youíre away!


Visit the Carerís home before you decide


A suitable Carer is found or your money back

We try to provide the same Carer each time you book






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