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Dog boarding in private homes

All Homes4Hounds carers are carefully vetted and have to undergo a strict licensing procedure by the local authority. You can have total peace of mind knowing that your dogís welfare is of paramount importance.

Our carers are all experienced dog owners but, in line with the strict licensing rules, do not currently own a dog. This means that your dog wonít have to share his home-from-home with any other dog, or indeed cat, and can receive complete one-to-one care and attention during its stay.

All Homes4Hounds homes have gardens which are safe and secure so that no dog can injure itself or escape.

Our carers are made up of housewives, househusbands, retired, semi-retired, self-employed and home workers. We can promise that your dog will never be left for a period of longer than 2-3 hours, if at all, and your carer will complete a daily log so you can read up on how your dog got on during its stay.

All carers have access to a 24-hour emergency number so that if your dog takes ill in the middle of the night, it wonít have to wait until the morning to receive medical attention.

Best of all, you are given the opportunity to take your dog along to meet the carer before your booking commences. If for whatever reason you feel your carer is unsuitable, we will find another one for you until you are totally happy.



Maureen and John with Dog







One to One care and attention for your dog with one of our carefully selected Carers


All Carers undergo a strict licensing procedure


Our Carers are all experienced dog owners

You can meet the Carer before your booking commences






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